Friday, June 21, 2002

One For All the Ages

We saw Semisonic last night at First Avenue. Good show nearly ruined by the fact that it was all bleepin' ages. Why? The show was sold out and I have no doubt that there was no need for it to be all ages to achieve the sellout. So we had two choices.

1. Stay up where you can buy booze and drink with people lined up three deep at the rail.

2. Go down on the floor to see the show and feel like you're part of the crowd.

We chose the second and ended up in a decent spot with a good view. BUT... no drinking. Something just not right about seeing a band with no beer in hand. Ben went to the bathroom and stopped off at the bar for a quick shot but that's hardly the ideal way to combine booze and music. Lame as hell.

Plus doors were at six, opening band at seven, and Semi at eight. Why so early? Cause' they gotta have "Salsa Night" or some other kind of dance crap afterward. Again lame.