Thursday, December 19, 2002

Another Masterpiece From The Master

I usually don't post links to the Daily Bleat by James Lileks because he should be part of your daily reading routine. EVERY DAY. That's how good he is and has been consistently for years. But every so often he completely blows me away and today's Bleat is one of those times. From dream analysis to a possible Simpson's scene to a brutal refutation of celebrity activism:

Yesterday I rented “Minority Report,” a movie that stars thetan-choked Tom Cruise, who famously announced that he didn’t feel safe raising his children in the Wild-West hell of America; the movie is directed by Steven Spielberg, whose work I admire greatly - but the guy made a hadj to Cuba recently, and spoke of Castro in such glowing terms I expected him to hack up a half-dozen of El Presidente’s pubic hairs.

Lileks just shines. He winds it down with a comparison between Santa and God in the eyes of a child. Simply amazing. You must read it.

And just when you're thinking that it really coudn't get much better he gives us a killer new Screed on a Canuck couple who have a problem with Christmas. We are not worthy.

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