Monday, December 16, 2002

Damn Yankees and Yoah Damn Inner'et

After my post last week casting a disparging light on Trent Lott's home state of Mississippi I was a bit concerned that I might have offended some of the vast Fraters readership. However, upon further investigation I find that unlikely as I discovered that Mississippi has the distinction of ranking last in the U.S. with only 26.3 percent of state households having Internet access as well as holding down the 50th spot in the percentage of state households with computers with 37.2 percent.

In the unlikely event that someone from Mississippi was able to gain access to my post the fact that Mississippi ranks dead last in literacy would probably mean that they wouldn't be able to read it anyway. And if one of those lucky Mississippians who could read did catch my post and got angry about it they might not be around too long anyway as ole Miss also is the bottom of the heap in terms of state health rankings as well.

As far as I can tell Mississippi's greatest contribution to the U.S. might just be the boost in self esteem it gives other states by consistently underperforming them in a wide range of areas. In fact the state motto Arkansas might as well just be Thank God for Mississippi as this humorous piece suggests.

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