Monday, December 16, 2002

Deep in Indian Country

Last week, at a meeting of my local Republican organizing group I was speaking with a gentleman who had run for state senate in our district and had been rather soundly defeated by the DFL incumbent. He informed me that our senate district was the most heavily Democratic of any in the Twin Cities metropolitan area outside of the the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. I live in the "inner ring" suburb of St. Louis Park just west of Minneapolis and while I had always known that it leaned towards the Democrats I never knew to what extent. A look at the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State's web site confirmed that I'm definitely in the minority when it comes to political persuasion. Check out these numbers (Democrats listed first) in my senate district (37,000 voters turned out) from this year's election remembering that Republicans won nearly every state wide office in Minnesota except attorney general:

US Senator
Mondale 57%
Coleman 40%

US House of Representatives District 5
Sabo 62%
Mathias 33%

State Senator
Kelley 59%
Freeman 35%

State House 44A *This is the only race that a Republican won in my district
Folliard 47%
Rhodes 49%

State House 44B
Latz 55%
Peilen 41%

Moe 46%
Pawlenty 36%
Penny 15%

Secretary of State
Humphrey 50%
Kiffmeyer 41%

State Auditor
Johnson 51%
Awada 37%

Attorney General
Hatch 60%
Kelly 35%

It gets even scarier when I bring it down to the precinct level. We're talking about my 'hood now. My people. My neighbors. This is how my precinct (1099 voters) went down:

US Senator
Mondale 59%
Coleman 39%

US House of Representatives District 5
Sabo 64%
Mathias 32%

State Senator
Kelley 60%
Freeman 34%

State House 44B
Latz 58%
Peilen 38%

Moe 48%
Pawlenty 35%
Penny 14%

Secretary of State
Humphrey 52%
Kiffmeyer 38%

State Auditor
Johnson 53%
Awada 35%

Attorney General
Hatch 61%
Kelly 34%

And I have friends who ask me why I don't run for office? Who do you think I am? Custer?

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