Monday, December 30, 2002

Designated Driver for the World

Usually I don't like to post links to articles that have already been linked by InstaPundit since many regular blog readers check out InstaPundit on a daily basis and adding a link here is merely redundant. But this piece called Confessions Of An Isolationist Wannabe at Right Wing News is so damn funny that I had to mention it. It's a P.J. O'Rourkian look at the United State's reluctant acceptance of responsibility for the rest of the world.

If you want put it in perspective, it's like we're the guy who ended up being the designated driver for the planet. Sure we'd love to sit back and drink ourselves into a stupor with the rest of the globe but we're responsible for getting as many people home safe and sound as possible. Every so often while we're sitting around wishing we could kill a few beers like the rest of the planet, a sloppy drunk, drooling, Europe comes over to where we're sitting. Then they take another swig of Vodka straight out of the bottle and tell us not to worry about a thing because they'll drive everyone home in their 'international law' van. But we know if we go ahead and drink up that we'll just get a call at 4 am asking us to bring our tow truck and the 'jaws of life' to clean up the bloody mess on dead man's curve. That's the burden of being an American.