Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Ending on a Sour Note

Marc Weisblott presents the worst blogs of 2002 in his ”Du-blog-ious Achievement Awards”. While I disagree with most of his editorial points and I violently protest his ham fisted pun work, it’s hard not to find his hostile tone endearing. Plus I respect his efforts to introduce some critical discord into what is often the all too mutually agreeable amateur Internet opinion world. This includes him critically reviewing his own blog and himself with the following withering self evaluation:

Spent many sedentary days in front of the computer, ensuring that his hairline-to-waistline ratio would remain an embarrassment. Complained endlessly about a lack of social life, yet did not attempt to go on one date, nor further romantic prospects with anyone else. Met a not-insignificant number of fellow writers and lacked the confidence to feel he made a positive impression on any of them. Maintained a personal blog without permalinks, archives, or even dates on the posts, thus preventing the sort of critical scrutiny he performs on others. Barely earned more money at age thirty-one than he did at twenty-one. And, oh yes, enough of a coward to not be able to compile a Worst Blogs of 2002 list without attaching himself to the end of the list. Or is that just unadulterated self-loathing?

And I do lend my personal endorsement to one of his editorial points:

ATTENTION ALL BLOGGERS, PLEASE STOP SUCKING UP TO: Mickey Kaus, James Lileks, Josh Marshall, Virgina Postrel and Mark Steyn. Yes, they are all terrific commentators. That's why they have figured out how to (usually) get paid for it. You will not be automatically granted the same recognition just because you gush about their work every damn day. You can stop now. Thank you.