Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Enter the Third Tenor

In the spirit of continuous improvement and in our commitment to bring you the finest in Internet opinion options (and in our commitment to sloth, as the Elder and I are already working hard to fill up this space and yet still degenerating into self parody), Fraters Libertas has endeavored to add another voice or two to our Post Modernist Glee Club. We have been in negotiations with several applicants, but frankly we found Garrison Keillor to be too negative and Danish looking and we find Syl Jones too fair minded and logical (and we fear the image of our efforts would suffer in comparison). Plus he refused to limit his contributions to that of his alter ego, the witty and charming “Dr. Shabazz,” so unfortunately we had to spurn his offer (upon which he called us “soulless, hateful, bourgie ice people” - the scamp!).

However, fear not, as we have secured the agreement of the estimable “Will the Thrill” from Uptown, Minnesota, to post as often as he wishes. As you may have noticed, in this very forum, he’s already been on the case in sending up both Howlin’ Andy Hound and St. Cloud State University (and it’s about time someone did!). So join me in welcoming our man Will and feel free to email him with any feedback, comments, or questions you can conceive of. (However, per his request, please continue to send all lengthy first draft attempts at editorializing on the news and attempts at comedy directly to the Elder).

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