Monday, December 09, 2002

Get Off My Side

This is the first in what will be a reoccurring series on folks on the Right who do more harm than good to the conservative cause. Sometimes it is by making inflammatory or idiotic remarks that are used to paint all conservatives in a negative light. Trent Lott's recent flap is a good example of this. Others produce low quality products or services particularly in the media which tarnish the efforts of their conservative colleagues in the field. Their hearts may be in the right place but their efforts end up hurting more than helping in the long run. We say thanks but no thanks.

Let's get started with Lt. Colonel Oliver North. Yes, he was a Marine and fought in Vietnam and I appreciate his valiant service. And during the Iran Contra hearings I admired Ollie's steadfast defense of his actions and refusal to apologize for doing what he thought was right. He cut quite a figure at the time ( "Ah, Oliver North. He was just poured into that uniform", -Homer Simpson ) and came to embody the American Hero for many of his supporters.

But that was oh so many years ago. His failed bid at politics, his claims to be a target of terrorists, and now his shrill, cliche filled radio show have caused him to become a living example of the paranoid, secretive, military man stereotype that the Left loves to perpetuate. He is not the guy that we want at point in the on going battle for the hearts and minds of the American people. Stick to writing novels and narrating War Stories on Fox News Ollie and leave the political talk shows to the many skilled conservatives broadcasters out there who know how to entertain and inform their audience in a manner you can only dream of. And if you'll excuse me sir, please get off of my side.

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