Tuesday, December 03, 2002

He's Not Fooling Anyone

Taking time out of his busy schedule of plundering the environment, terrorizing Third World countries, filling the coffers of his rich fat cat cronies with tax cuts, tearing up the Constitution, and trampling the civil rights of woman and minorities President Bush signed the Wellstone memorial bill yesterday according to a Minneapolis Star Tribune story.

With six Minnesota legislators looking on, President Bush signed legislation Monday earmarking $10 million to help pay for a St. Paul community center honoring the late Sen. Paul Wellstone and his wife, Sheila.

After the brief signing ceremony, Bush took time to speak with Sheila's father, Del Ison, and her sister, Kathy Haag, about the Oct. 25 plane crash that killed the Wellstones, their daughter and five other people.

Ison said that despite the circumstances, the White House event was an "all-around pleasant experience" and that Bush went out of his way to be cordial and supportive.

Why they make him sound almost human don't they? Showing compassion and caring? He's a Republican isn't he? How's that possible? Must be another blantant example of right wing media bias.

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