Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Kettle, Pot, Etc.

I had always thought of St. Cloud State University in two ways:

1)The best party school in Minnesota this side of East Grand Forks Technical, and
2)The school that sports the never-fails-to-underwhelm hockey team that one-and-outs in the NCAAs every year or so.

But it turns out the school isn't so doofusly benign. On Sunday, the Star Tribune reported that SCSU's racial attitudes are nothing to be proud of. Disturbing (to say the least) findings include:

- About one in five faculty and staff members agreed that there are too many Jewish faculty members and administrators in higher education, and that they control university policy and direction.

- About one in four professors, staff and students agreed that the problem with hiring Jewish professors is that they gradually displace Christian ideas and values with secularism.

- About one in three faculty and staff members and two in five students said discrimination against blacks on campus would be largely eliminated if they would make a sincere effort to assimilate into the St. Cloud community and campus life.

Huh? This is the same school that had rattled its saber about refusing to allow the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux hockey team play in their arena if they were sporting an American Indian nickname.

Hey SCSU - maybe think about cleaning up your own back yard before you start pointing fingers at your academic and puck superiors. And can I please listen to my Neil Young & Crazy Horse albums on my Discman while I audit Beer Bonging 201 in the Granite City next semester?

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