Friday, December 13, 2002

The Real Reason Lott Must Go (Part II)

This morning listening to the local talk radio station I heard the most convincing evidence yet as to why Trent Lott must be given the boot. Lucky Rosenbloom leader of the Black Republican Coalition of Minnesota was on the air explaining how his efforts to bring the Republican mesage to the local black community, always a tough sell, had become seriously compromised by Lott's ill chosen remarks. What was especially disheartening to hear was that Rosenbloom believed that there was a real opportunity for inroads for the GOP especially among younger blacks due in large part to Bush having Collin Powell and Condi Rice in such prominent roles in his cabinet. As Rosenbloom explained it, seeing Powell and Rice on television every Sunday wielding positions of power was a very effective tool for him to use to persuade black audiences that Republicans were not a narrowly based party but rather that they had something to offer to all groups. One particularly interesting comment that he made was how Condi Rice had become a role model for young black woman. Now that's a story that hasn't gotten any play in the mainstream media.

Rosenbloom has one of the most thankless jobs I can imagine. And just when he thinks he might be starting to make some progress Lott opens his yap and trashes much of what he had worked for. The damage is not completely irrepairable but it is serious and keeping Lott around is like keeping an open wound exposed. As long as he's still in a leadership role the mission of Lucky and other black Republicans is damn near an impossible dream. For their sake he's gotta go.

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