Friday, December 06, 2002

Twins Geek

John Bonnes runs what is by far the best Twins-related site on the Internet (and I'm referring to the baseball, not the Olsen variety). I didn't get hipped to his Twins Geek until after this past season. Yet even during these soul chilling, God-forsaken. baseball-less days of winter (ironically known as the "Holiday Season") it's proven to be consistently interesting and amusing as it covers all the hot stove league speculation.

For a lot of reasons I can't wait for next season to start, prime among them, to watch Jerry Bell and Carl Pohlad try to ladle a $300 million dollar stadium bill over the top of the state's $4.56 billion deficit. And I'm sure Twins Geek will be a grand accompaniment to it all.

(Oh by the way, further showing his fine editorial judgment, in his Friday column, John was kind enough to link to my Calvin Griffith tribute of yesterday. I told you he was good.)

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