Friday, December 13, 2002

Whole Lotta Love For Lott

The Younger weighs in for keeping Lott:

Mississippi...Elder, you are out of line with dissing this state. Why? One word, Elvis. Born in Tupelo 1935--reason enough to spare it from your barbs. A state that created one of the Greatest Americans Ever cannot be swept asunder...or something.

Now onto my main point. The Lott stays. After listening to Rush yesterday I've become convinced we have to keep him. Not because he is a great leader or a cogent articulator of the conservative movement but rather because if we do as Jesse and Teddy desire we are setting up ALL future Repubs to be summarily dismissed for similar thought crimes.

As we speak, senate pages from Smith college are scouring the internet looking for any possible evidence of a thought crime spoken aloud by a major republican to get them next. We simply can't give them the idea that this is the new Borking that will lead them to power.

Let's not start doubting GW at this point. He dissed Lott publicly and that was that.

Let's face it, Lott's an idiot but he's our idiot and for the sake of the party (and the future Borkees) the Lott stays.

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