Friday, December 13, 2002

Working Up a Flop Sweat For Christmas?

For those of you getting a bit anxious as the shopping days before Christmas dwindle away like Ted Turner's fortune (oh how I wish it were really so) here's a recommendation for music fans on your list. The Flops, a band composed of former Trip Shakespeare members John Munson (now of Semisonic fame) and Matt Wilson, have recently released a CD called Ooh La La. It actually is a music CD along with a CD-ROM with photography, fiction, and a video. I haven't had a chance to check out the CD-ROM yet but the music is top notch. I picked up my copy at the The Electric Fetus record store in Minneapolis. Well actually I ordered it online from the Fetus because quite honestly I'm far too lazy to drive down to the store and besides this way I was able to avoid all that uncomfortable and unnecessary human interaction that is required when you leave your house.

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