Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Alphabet Street

Northeast Minneapolis's own font maker Chank Diesel has come up with the American Propaganda Fontpack. In Chank's words:

It's war time, folks, time to break out the propaganda. If we're gonna win this War Against Terrorism, we need some good posters! Chank's got a surplus of fonts to help communicate important war-time messages. Whether your design purpose is to instill fear or boost pride, you'll find a great selection of type styles in the Chank Propaganda Pak.

The pack contains Chank fonts such as "Liquorstore"; "Husker Doo" and "Husker Don't"; "King George"; and "Braingelt." (That last one is accompanied by "Braingelt Premium", natch.) So whether you're a Deserve Victory! hawk or a No War! turn-the-other-cheek - all of you Do It Yourselfers out there deserve the best in fonts for your design needs. Check Chank out, keep that money local, and feel free to giggle out loud.

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