Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Analyze Phat

Rachel Lucas performs a long overdue psychological analysis of Michael Moore including his propensity to "admire" black men:

To Moore (as to many others), black people are cool. Black men, in particular, are natural warriors and bad-asses in Moore's mind. Their Afro-fabulousness is apparent on the football field and in popular culture. They will whup that ass, basically.

On the other hand, Moore sees a problem with white men. The only white men you see whupping much ass have guns. This poses a severe psychological conundrum for an individual like Moore because, remember, guns are baaaad. So a Dirty Harry figure can't be the hero.

The hero must be the unarmed yet naturally tough black man, in Moore's mind. I'll refrain from discussing the homoerotic undertones of this.

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