Monday, January 20, 2003

But What About The Bowl Bart? What About The Bowl?

If you're looking for a bit of hateful satire and can't find a decent talk radio show at this time of day check out this piece at IMAO:

Helen Thomas then stood up.

"Merciful God, please kill me now," Fleischer was heard muttering.

"Why does Bush want to kill Iraqi children?" Helen Thomas asked, "What did Iraqi children ever do to him?"

"Here, I have a question for you," Fleischer respond, "Why won’t you die, you shriveled, old hag? What sort of unholy agreement do you have with Satan to keep your body living long after your mind has expired?"

"Where’s my cat?" Thomas demanded, "Your talk of war has scared away my cat!"

"For the last time, Helen, your cat died thirty years ago!" said an exasperated Fleischer. "Someone please watch her. Any other questions?"

Who wouldn't enjoy a news conference like that?

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