Friday, January 17, 2003

Every Desire I've Ever Had

I like TV. Love it, as a matter of fact. Sitcoms? Yup. Reality TV? You bet. Watching a hick work on his truck? Check. The Bread Baking Channel? You better believe it.

So, as a long time and hardcore consumer of television dating back to the early 70's, I thought I had seen it all. That is until the other night when I was flipping about and came across my new favorite program The Minnesota Experience hosted by the stunning Tawnja Zahradka, a former Mrs. America (and apparently now single?).

The show is on local cable channels and consists basically of Ms. Zahradka going to different businesses to interview them about their products or services. The focus seems to be on food, with porn-like shots of spaghetti, ribs, brushetta--you name it.

Ms. Zahradka, besides being breathtakingly gorgeous, makes what could be a dull show into something remarkable. Her sheer comfort in front of the camera is soothing and I imagine must be soothing to the TV neophytes she interviews. Her ready wit and playful style turns this low budget cable access into something magical.

This is a woman who is completely comfortable in front of a camera and seduces it with eyebrow raises, sly grins and come-hither glances. In other words, what movie stars used to deliver on a regular basis before the endless parade of beige, skinny hacktresses began.

The only problem is that there seems to only be one friggin' episode. Now granted, I've watched this episode every night for the past 3 weeks, but some new product would be most welcome.

Food, a gorgeous woman; that pretty much sums up every desire I ever had.

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