Monday, January 13, 2003

Falling Apart In The Spin Cycle

Usually when I'm getting ready for work in the morning I listen to the Morning Spin talk show on local Twin Cities station KSTP-AM 1500. For the past few months the station has been rotating a series of guest hosts in and out to work with regulars Mark O'Connell, Ron Rosenbaum, and Dan Terhaar.

Local Republican political operative Annette Meeks has taken a turn in the role a couple of times including this week. When it comes to local and national politics Annette is in her element and more than holds her own. But when the discussion turns to foreign affairs, as it did today on North Korea, or national security she is incapable of articulating cohesive arguments and can't hang with either O'Connell or Rosenbaum. And these guys aren't exactly giants in the field either.

A college student of moderate intelligence who had a decent grasp of history and kept abreast of current events could easily intellectually thrust and parry with either of these gentlemen on most days. Neither of them really espouses positions of the Left. O'Connell probably leans to the right on most issues and Rosenbaum is all over the map depending on the subject matter. They both do like to play the role of devil's advocate and tweak the Bush administration when they feel that its policies are not being consistent which is what the discussion on North Korea centered on.

Meeks was completely unable to come up with a thoughtful answer to their question of why the administration's North Korea policy was different from its policy towards Iraq and their charge that the current policy was basically the same as Clinton's 1994 approach. After swearing at my radio for a couple of minutes and listening to Meeks stumble around, sounding like a deer caught in the headlights (I know it's bad but audio metaphors ain't easy and that's how I imagine her facial expression), I was forced to turn the show off in frustrated disgust.

A quick look at her background shows that Meeks is no lightweight so I'm guessing that the problem lies with her preparation. The show begins early in the morning so same day show prep is tough but just a cursory reading of National Review, The Weekly Standard, and/or at least the Wall Street Journal (hard copy or on line versions of all three available) the night before would give her the ammo she needs to counter O'Connell and Rosenbaum on these issues that apparently are outside her comfort zone and allow me to enjoy the show in peace.

If not then let's get Hindrocket or The Big Trunk from over at
Power Line to join the ranks of guest hosts on The Spin. I have no doubt of their abilities to spar with the likes of Rosenbaum and O'Connell and emerge unbloodied.

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