Thursday, January 16, 2003

The Family Next Door?

Last Friday the Washinton Times ran an editorial taking the New York Times to task for its story on a family in Austin, Texas who were none too impressed with the Bush tax plan. Andrew Sullivan and Mitch Berg both referenced the Washington Times piece which explained that, although the family portrayed, the Moorheads, did not realize it, the Bush plan would actually have a rather significant benefit for them tax wise. It also mentioned that the one of Mr. Moorhead's remarks sounded like a Democratic talking point:

"They're trying to sell this once again as trickle-down economics," Mr. Moorhead conveniently observed, using the favorite pejorative of the Democrats and the Times to ridicule Reaganomics.

Rick from the Golden State was kind enough to point out a few things about Bee Moorhead the average "mother next door" in the NY Times piece. Her name is listed on the Voices for Peace: Signatories web site which published an ad in a local Austin newspaper opposing military action against Iraq. She is also the acting director of Impact Texas a group who describe themselves as "people of faith working for justice". Hmmm... Could that be a Left leaning group? Just check out their legislative agenda if you have any doubt.

Of course there's nothing wrong with Mrs. Moorhead being a very active political liberal. But as Rick asks:

Do you think it coincidence that the NY Times just happened to "find" her family for their story?

And will we ever see this? Headline - NYTimes Finds Conservative Couple in America, Asks For and Publishes Their Opinion.

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