Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Who knew that radical left wing politics could be so much fun!

As conservatives, we often forget that women tend to view politics quite differently than we do. With the notable exceptions of Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham and a few others, most women tend to lean left and are often at best ambivalent toward conservatives and our ideas.

I try to keep this fact in mind when perusing the web, looking for pieces that might have special interest for women (and my often sad attempts to date them).

Well ladies, I’m happy to let you know there is a contest you may be interested in. It’s called the Women, Raise Your Voices Contest, brought to us by the Women Of Color Resource Center in Oakland:


10 Reasons Why Women Should Oppose the US "War on Terrorism"

It's a CONTEST!!!!! Send in your reasons why women should oppose the US "war on terrorism." Vote on the best reasons each month! Win great prizes!

The Gender Analysis Working Group, convened by the Women of Color Resource Center, has started us off:

10 Reasons Why Women Should Oppose the US "War on Terrorism"

1. War, no matter how high-tech, kills civilians. Women and children become "collateral damage."

2. War and militarism subject women and girls to rape and sexual violence; the culture of aggression encourages domestic violence against women.

3. Weapons of mass destruction, produced, used and sold by the US worldwide, poison the environment, causing miscarriages, birth defects and cancers.

4. Governments in Israel, Colombia and the Philippines are using the US "war on terrorism" as an excuse to strike out at political enemies, violating the human rights of women in war zones.

5. The "war on terrorism" is a cover for US economic, political and military domination, which increases women's poverty worldwide.

6. When Arab, Muslim, South Asian and immigrant men are locked up without cause and without charges, women shoulder the burden of sustaining their families and communities.

7. Women's human rights are endangered when civil liberties are trampled.

8. US war industries reap enormous profits, while programs that benefit women and girls, such as healthcare, education, welfare and childcare face budget cuts.

9. Bush's war fuels racism worldwide, negatively impacting U.S. women of color and women of the Third World.

10. The oppression of Afghan women was used to justify the "war on terrorism," but the Pentagon cannot liberate Afghan women -- or any other women.

With that nice head start, one thoughtful contributor, Andrea, offered this:

Our country's Supreme Law of the Land, what we live by, suffer by, and die by was created and established by our Founding Fathers: men who have been glorified by history, men who spoke of freedom and equality; but meant for them. The ‘them’ refers to white, wealthy, men. This system that we have and are once again willing to die for is a system of patriarchy, racism, and dominance. Our sons, father, brothers, and husbands fight for a country that encourages power. They fight for men/dictators that stay at home warm and safe with their daughters, mothers, sisters, and wives. The men we love and cherish are being used as robots, soldiers, and tools, to advance and prove this nations supremacy.

So they you are, women of Fraters. Your opportunity to have your voice heard. And let's not forget who is looking out for your interests (smarmy smile).

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