Friday, January 10, 2003

Who Made Who?

Local writer Bill Tuomala has just released the latest issue (Volume 34) of his eclectic and entertaining e-zine “Exiled on Mainstreet” which chronicles the saga of his existence in Uptown and Grand Forks, ND and all points in between (which I believe consists exclusively of an interstate highway). It’s been a while since his last published effort (JD Sallinger writes more often than this guy), but as I suspected, it was worth the wait.

As a special bonus, Mr. Tuomala has also released a blast from the past, Volume 18 of Exiled, never before available on line. This issue focuses on his personal bibliography, the books, magazines, movies, music and TV shows that have made him the man he is today. A man who, to be honest, I’ve always felt was taking style notes and borrowing liberally from the brilliant work of our own Will the Thrill. Granted, their influences are remarkably similar. But can it really be mere coincidence that they’re both now asking the girls down Lyle’s to refer to them as “The Silver Surfer”?

I guess that’s not my battle to fight and I’ll just have to be content to read them both.

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