Thursday, January 30, 2003

You Deserve Bumper Stickers!

The “Deserve Victory!” bumper sticker promotion has started to take off. I wouldn’t call it “wild fire” just yet, but there’s definitely something smoldering in the deep, dark woods of the Left’s monopoly on slogan-related speech over Iraq. We’ve gotten responses from people all over the U.S. of A. (A big thanks goes out to the lovely and dynamically talented Rachel Lucas and the brilliant and insightful Mitch Berg for their linkage support.)

Good news, there’s still time for you to order a first edition run of the stickers. Of course the first edition will be the most prized to future historians and collectors. Your purchase of one now may someday result in one of your distant descendents appearing on the Antiques Roadshow and uttering the words: “My goodness is it really worth that much? I had no idea!” Also, since the Elder is insisting that the second run include a photo of him dressed like the Statue of Liberty, I can’t guarantee that the aesthetic appeal of our current stickers will remain indefinitely.

More good news, the “Deserve Victory!” bumper stickers are now available via mail order without the need for a credit card payment. If you’d like to receive a sticker and prefer to pay via check or even cash money, please click here for details.

Thanks again for supporting Fraters Libertas.

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