Thursday, January 09, 2003

You Mean They Weren't Listening to The Boss?

An excerpt from The Cell: Inside the 9/11 Plot, And Why the FBI and CIA Failed to Stop It by John Miller and Michael Stone:

On October 29, the USS Cole, with its gapping hole and what was left of the crew in dress white uniforms, limped out of Aden Harbor. I stood on the shore watching. From the Cole's PA system we heard "The Star Spangled Banner" and then as the ship passed, the music shifted. It was Kid Rock, the white rapper, singing "American Bad Ass". Clearly this musical selection was the crew's choice. Many of them were little more than teenagers, and their message was clearly intended for the terrorists: We're American badasses; go fuck yourselves.

Kid Rock should be the official musician (if there was such a thing) of the war on terror. Who better represents what America's all about and what the Islamists hate the most? Booze, drugs, sex, rock and roll, and the freedom and opportunity to grow up in a Detroit shiite hole and become a multi millionaire entertainer. Smoking a Winston, drinking a four oh. That's America baby.

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