Monday, February 03, 2003

Can He Make Boxer Take It In The Shorts?

The story first broke today on Drudge and then was confirmed this evening on the Hugh Hewitt radio show. Talk show host Dennis Prager is seriously considering a run for the Senate in California against Democrat Barbara Boxer in 2004. A good thing? Hard to say at this point. If there is not another qualified candidate out there for the Republicans to field then Prager could be the best hope. He does have name recognition in the state and seems to be a man of outstanding character. The obvious problem would be that he's been on the air for twenty years and has written numerous books which could provide the Dems with plenty of ammo to use against him particularly since Prager is not shy about sharing his opinions on controversial subject matters.

Prager said tonight that he has not made a final decision and will weigh input he receives at his web site. So if you've got an opinion on the matter head over to and give Dennis your two cents worth.

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