Saturday, February 01, 2003

Canada Lets Another One Get Away

A reader of ours from Canada, Bruce Korol, helps restore my faith that at least some our Canadian neighbors have retained their sanity and civility:

As I listen to Bush address the nation regarding the tragedy this morning, I am appalled and disgusted when I read of the Canadian anti-American sentiment that is described by your site.  As a Canadian, I appeal to you that not all of Canada thinks like CBC and France/Germany.  True, most do (especially eastern Canada) but here in Alberta, we have long thought of ourselves as separate from the rest of Canada.  Words can't describe the anger I feel when I read of anti-American hatred that is spewed from fellow Canadians and my deepest apologies.  As soon as I finish up my law degree here at the University of Alberta, I can guarantee you I'll be on the first flight to your great nation. 

Thus, the brain drain continues. Even though Canada could probably use more citizens like you Bruce, we’ll be glad to welcome you aboard. So get that degree and get down here. There’s always room for another hard-working, patriotic achiever willing to pitch in to make this grand enterprise of freedom and liberty succeed. Bravo sir!

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