Friday, February 07, 2003

Get Off My Side

Talk radio host Michael Savage.

And while you're at please shut the f' up too. Listening to Savage is like being trapped in an elevator with a drunk, boorish, obnoxious, New Yorker for three hours every day. His grating voice penetrates your subconscious, rudely elbowing aside any other thoughts you might have and you feel as if he's standing next to you with a bullhorn blaring into your ear. His juvenile name calling and simplistic generalizations provide plenty of ammo for those who deride talk radio as "hate radio" and he does a disservice to his fellow conservative talk show hosts by personifying the right wing extremist fantasies of the left.

I have no doubt that Savage is an intelligent man and at times he is able to make thought provoking, well reasoned arguments. But part of the message is the messenger and he ain't the kind of guy I want representing the right.

Time to turn him off.

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