Monday, February 17, 2003

A Lovely Morning Alternative

For those Twin City radio listeners out there who share my distaste for the Patriot's morning line up of Michael Savage and Mike Gallagher and have reached the breaking point with KSTP's Morning Spin featuring the uninformed blatherings of Ron Rosenbaum there is a choice. And no, it's not the nails on chalkboard voice and leftist babbling of Katherine Lanpher over at MPR. It's the Laura Ingraham show on AM 1570 which apparently is something called the "consumer station".

I only just discovered this gem and it sounds like Ingraham's show is a rebroadcast and she's only on until 9:00am when a religious program hosted by a ninety seven year old gentlemen (image if Methuselah had his own talk show) comes on but it's still a breath of fresh air when you consider the alternatives.

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