Thursday, February 06, 2003

Pretty Bitter For A Danish

Last month, I chronicled an interesting series of exchanges I had with Danish "senior scientist" Dr. Jeffrey A. Harvey on the findings of the Danish Committee for Scientific Dishonesty concerning Bjorn Lomborg's book The Skeptical Environmentalist. From my initial post on the matter and Dr. Harvey's reply, to my response to his reply, and finally so no one can say that I always have to have the last word, one more rebuttal from the good doctor it was a long and winding road of discourse.

Now I've come to discover that I'm not the only one able to experience the joy of Dr. Harvey's attention. In fact I was able to find four other bloggers who have engaged Dr. Harvey in intellectual battle on this subject matter:


Institute for Liberal Values of New Zealand


Most of their exchanges sound familiar to my own experiences. Lengthy e-mails from Harvey, increasingly shrill in tone, in which he viciously attacks Lomborg (and sometimes us) with all manner of slander and innuendo often coming across as a petulant teenager. Not exactly the type of behavior one would expect from a distinguished senior scientist.

What I find most interesting though is that Harvey has probably spent hundreds of hours composing these e-mails to us and God knows how many others (please contact me if you know of other bloggers who have tangled with him) and yet in one of his missives he complains that he could write a book exposing Lomborg but "I'm too busy with my own research". Hmm... Unless all this is part of some elaborate project I'd say the doctor has nothing but time on his hands. And I thought professors had it easy.

Danish senior scientist. A good gig if you can get it.

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