Sunday, February 09, 2003

Something's Rotten In Holland

The staff here at Fraters does not like to admit errors and thankfully up to this point the need for corrections has been few and far between (with the notable exception of Saint Paul's story on a torrid tryst between Garrison Keillor and Cathy Wurzer). So it's with a bit of hang dog expression that I must fess up to a mistake on my part. In my posts on my e-mail exchanges with Dr. Jeffrey Harvey I have referred to him as being a Danish scientist when it fact he is Dutch.

Thanks to an e-mail from the Muchows I have finally realized the error of my ways. And rather than just dismissing my error with some arrogant ugly American statement like "Holland? Denmark? What's the difference? They're both just a couple more of those piddly European countries always trying to tell us what to do." I want to make sure that I set the record straight. After all I would hate to alienate our fans in Denmark out there by tarring the good name of their country by associating it with Dr. Harvey. Where would we get those dreary movies and wonderful breakfast pastries if it weren't for the Danes?

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