Friday, February 28, 2003

"That is why they so dislike the living process of life."

"...I'll show you their books: with them one is always a 'victim of the environment'--and nothing else! Their favorite phrase! Hence directly that if society itself is normally set up, all crimes will at once dissappear, because there will be no reason for protesting and everyone will instantly become righteous. Nature isn't taken into account, nature is driven out, nature is not supposed to be! With them it's not mankind developing all along in a historical, living way that will finally turn by itself into a normal society, but, on the contrary, a social system, coming out of some mathematical head, will at once organize the whole of mankind and instantly make it righteous and sinless, sooner than any living process, without any historical and living way!

That's why they have such an instinctive dislike of history: 'there's nothing in it but outrage and stupidity'--and everything is explained by stupidity alone! That's why they so dislike the living process of life: there's no need for the living soul! The living soul will demand life, the living soul won't listent to mehanics, the living soul is is suspicious, the living soul is retrograde!

--Razumikhin to Porfiry, regarding socialism, in Dostoevesky's Crime and Punishment (1865). Sound like anyone we know?


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