Wednesday, February 12, 2003

The True North Not So Strong And Free

John Hawkins at Right Wing News has an excellent interview with writer Mark Steyn that is now available. The questions cover a variety of subjects including the state of the Canadian military:

John Hawkins: Do you think most Canadians are concerned about the fact that their military has been so drastically underfunded that Canada, a country with a long, proud history of punching above its weight class militarily, wouldn't be capable of going to war with a third world country anymore?

Mark Steyn: I'd like to think they were. Canada's regiments are some of the most distinguished in the Commonwealth, and the world. The Royal Canadian Air Force was at one time the most glamorous air force in the world. The Royal Canadian Navy had the third largest surface fleet in the world. But Pierre Trudeau's alleged "reinvention" of Canada was actually little more than a demolition job, and among the things to be most comprehensively demolished was our military tradition. A nation that can't defend itself isn't a nation anymore. Ottawa and Washington have just announced a so-called "mutual aid" agreement, whereby, in the event of a terrorist strike on a US or Canadian city, each country's armed forces would be able to respond to the other's needs. I don't think this means, if al-Qaeda hit Detroit or Minneapolis, you're going to be seeing the Princess Pats or Lord Strathcona's Horse on the streets down there.

Can you at least bring some donuts down for us? The whole Tim Horton's thing just didn't fly here.

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