Monday, April 07, 2003

Marxist-Leninist Cults and the Minneapolis City Council

Power Line mentioned a story in yesterday's Star Tribune on a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist group called The Story of O. which chronicled one members experience in what she calls a cult and her difficulties in leaving it.

In a side story detailing the group's local roots and describing why the O. fits the classic definition of a cult I came across this item:

Minneapolis City Council Member Dean Zimmermann, who was briefly an O. member, agrees. "People wanted a dramatic change in our society. And this co-op organization with the left-wing dogma exploited that deep, burning desire to transform our society in a way that would make it better for all and not just the privileged.

"We looked to Cuba, which had health care for everyone. We looked to China, which eradicated starvation. We thought we could transform our society and eliminate the chasm between the rich and the poor," Zimmermann said.

And Minneapolis residents wonder why they pay increasingly higher taxes for less and less services. That's your City Council folks.

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