Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Note to ESPN: No Close-ups During the Action

I won second place in the annual hoops pool I participate in. Looks like I may also place in the top two in this contest against the Elder - I love consistency. The first semifinal game starts at 11:00 a.m. ... how does coffee go with college hockey?

First Semifinal) Cornell vs. New Hampshire - I like to think that my pooh-poohing of Cornell and the ECAC last time around resulted in the Big Red team posting the Fraters blog up on the bulletin board in their locker room. Especially when you throw in that the Elder also picked against Cornell. Glad we could provide some inspiration, fellas. I keep going back and forth on this game. UNH is fast and has great defense and goaltending. Cornell is slower and more physical, but also has solid defense and goaltending. My first instinct was to pick Cornell and with the Cats having their top scorer out, I'm going to stick with it. Cornell wins 2-1.

Second Semifinal) Minnesota vs. Michigan - I think this Gopher team is once again peaking at the right time. Sure, they won a Frozen Four berth by playing on home ice, but I think they would have won those games anywhere - even against tougher opponents. Michigan is good and will give the Gophers a tough game, but Minnesota wins this one 4-2.

Final) Nobody has repeated as national champion in Division I hockey in over thirty years. But a repeat has to happen at some point and why not this team? Being a North Dakota Sioux fan, it's in my blood to hate the Gophers. But I can't help but admire them and will be cheering for the WCHA in these games. Minnesota wins the final 3-2.

And the over/under on the number of students arrested post-game in Dinkytown is seven.

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