Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Second Thoughts

I just got back from a long bike ride through the glorious West suburban Lake Minnetonka area. Having a few hours to myself, I got to thinking about the killing of the seven women and children at the checkpoint in Iraq and how it is starting to affect my view of the war.

Like Dresden or My Lai, but of course on a much smaller scale, there is no getting around the fact that US Troops knowingly and willingly killed innocents doing nothing more than probably driving to a mosque to pray that this madness cease.

Seven. Maybe that’s not a lot to some. But to me, that could be seven of OUR mothers. Seven of OUR daughters. Seven of OUR wives or girlfriends.

Their deaths are symptomatic of a war plan that, for all intents and purposes has failed. And failed mightily. Where was this in the script, Mr. Rumsfeld? Where was the butchering of children, of women?

Like I said, these events have really made me re-consider this war. And my heterosexuality. I just can’t help it: I want to be held in a loving embrace by Aaron Brown in the worst way. HE would make it all better. HE would help me make sense of this war. HE would put it all in perspective and still have the common courtesy to leave that toop on as he consoled me.

It’s time we all look at our calendars. This war has been going on for 2 weeks now, and with or without Aaron Brown, I don’t like the direction it’s headed.

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