Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Bodies Stacking Up Like Cordwood

Looks like Fraters today is going to be devoted to the settling of blood feuds. So let me throw down with one more. There’s a certain professor at UCLA who once called me “deservedly obscure” and “ignorant.” And get this - I never even took one of his classes! (There are dozens of University of Minnesota professors who can much more plausibly make those claims.)

Instead, the liberally bearded scholar-blogger, known primarily for his use of two middle initials, Mark A.R. Kleiman, was attacking my blogging as an example of conservative media bias. Actually he climbed down from his ivory tower only to use me as the instrument with which he could attempt to bludgeon his real target, Instapundit.

Way back last December, Prof. Reynolds was good enough to link to a fairly innocuous post I wrote about the Associate Press’s unfortunate word choice in reporting of Bill Frist’s ascendancy to Senate Majority Leader. Then Kleiman, who disagreed with my analysis, pounced on Reynolds for spreading disinformation and used this as an example of everything that’s wrong with conservative blog-related commentary. I won’t bore you with the details. (But if you want to be bored, check out Kleiman’s post on the matter.)

Despite being publicly maligned in this manner (and despite our exploiting this negative publicity for all it was worth), I’ve moved on with my life. But it looks as if Kleiman hasn’t gotten over his problems with Instapundit. On his blog today, he snidely lights up the good Professor. Then in an act of high chutzpah, sends a promotional email to him trying to get the publicity only Instapundit can provide. (Which makes me wonder what really motivates Kleiman, his bitter partisan disdain or his envy?)

Of course, Instapundit handled the entire situation with class and complete openness, all the while hoisting Kleiman by his own condescending petard. Here’s the link. Enjoy. I know I did.