Monday, December 29, 2003

High Crimes

Fraters drinking buddy Tim Blair reads the riot act to a brazen repeat offender:

One problem I have with Molly Ivins is that she’s a goddamn joke thief. And not just once, but twice. In October the Texan gag bandit repeated her crime on CNN:

“I went out to California to look at this race and came back saying, oh, Gray Davis makes Mr. Rogers look like he was on steroids, and Arnold Schwarzenegger looks exactly like a condom stuffed with walnuts. This was not the most profound observation I have ever made about serious public affairs, but it's irresistible.”

Irresistible ... to steal! Ivins lifted “the observation she made” from Australian writer Clive James. It’s at least a decade old. Resign, you shameless, dishonest, joke-pinching she-beast!

(To avoid the righteous wrath of Tim, and being labelled a shameless link larcenist, I should report I first saw this on Instapundit.)

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