Friday, August 27, 2004

Be Like The Squirrel Girl, Be Like The Squirrel

You know that old line about how "the acorn never falls far from the tree"? A bunch of BS I tells ya. How else do you explain last night's trivia results at Keegan's Irish Pub?

For the record, we did not win. But, we also did not lose to Hugh and his "all-star" team. Both of our squads struggled mightily and finished in tie for third place, far out of the money. I could go on and on about the poor quality of some of the questions and the questionable judging of the answers (to paraphrase something Lileks said last night, "there's only one President frickin' Clinton!). There were three questions that we answered correctly, but were scored as incorrect because our responses weren't "complete" enough. And it was not exactly easy to concentrate last night either, what with the constant interruptions from standers-by wanting to meet us, get our autographs, or take a picture with us (do you think that might have had something to do with having Mike Nelson on our team?).

But we are not sore losers or boastful winners (okay, we're a little bit boastful). We wish to salute the victors, Team Koster. Yes, Team Koster, the dominant force from Keegan's Tuesday Night trivia competition was slumming last night and showed up to mingle with the Thursday night crowd. Team Koster consists of Atomizer's father, his sister, and the straw that stirs the Koster cocktail, his mother. She is the undisputed Queen of Trivia. You doubt me? How many woman in her age group (over thirty) would know that the group Mud Honey coined the term "grunge"? That is simply scary.

Team Koster was bolstered by the addition of Mike Nelson's wife Bridget, which left Saint Paul and I to wonder if, in addition to not having the right Koster, we might have chosen the wrong Nelson for our squad as well.

Another impressive performance was turned in by Chumley Wonderbar and his collection of Northern Alliance misfits (Captain Ed and Mitch Berg). They claimed second place last night besting both us and Hugh's hotshots. We've had the pleasure of having Captain Ed and Mitch participate on the Fraters team in the past, as well as the distinct displeasure of being tied by a team led by Chumley. Which leads me to conclude that while Ed and Mitch are both solid contributors, Chumley is the X-factor. We look forward to matching wits with Chumley again in future trivia nights at Keegan's.

The most important thing was that a good time was had by all. The SECOND most important thing was that a good time was had by all. The most important thing of course was that Hugh LOST. Keep that in mind when you listen to Hugh's show today and he tries his darndest to spin the results or blame his teammates (especially Lileks). If Hugh really wanted to go around pointing fingers (and you know he does) he should look no further than fellow talk radio host Michael Medved who missed a Clint Eastwood movie question (one that we answered correctly). Medved missing a MOVIE QUESTION?!? That's almost as bad as Lileks missing a question on the World's Fair.

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