Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Birds Of A Feather?

The credibility clock continues to tick for two prominent media types who persist in ducking challenges.

Jim Boyd from the Star Tribune can talk the talk (as he did in a Sunday editorial ripping the gents at Power Line), but he cowardly refuses to walk the walk and appear in a live, on-air debate at the Minnesota State Fair.

Meanwhile, the Hugh Hewitt camp is in full damage control mode as the "Long Carbine of Yellow" still declines to release his 1974 prom photo.

Given Hugh's cover-up and stubborn stonewalling (he did work for Nixon didn't he?) David from Pittsburgh suggests an alternative to the actual photo:

I wouldn't wait for Double-H to cough up the photo. Why not commission the Wellstone artist to render Hugh in sweet, delicious yellow corn? He's already been called "Kernel" Slanders. And if he doesn't like it, he can just eat it.

James Phillips, from the Fraters West Coast Research Bureau Northern California Office, has been doing some digging as well and has uncovered previously unpublished photos of Hugh wearing the infamous yellow tuxedo.

More recently he appeared with the First Lady and Peter Beinart:

And then there is this shot of Hugh at his high school prom sitting in to jam with the band:

The truth is out there Hugh. You can't hide from it. Release the photo now or I'm sure we'll see many more archives start emerging from the woodwork.

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