Thursday, August 05, 2004

A Discriminating Palate

OAFL Rick caught this blurb from yesterday's Star Tribune:

I don't know if you caught this in the article in today's Strib.  This was in the last paragraph:

"On their way to a late appearance in Dubuque, Iowa, Kerry and his wife stopped at Baumgartner's tavern in Monroe, Wis., where Teresa Heinz Kerry ordered a Limburger cheese sandwich with raw onions and mustard on rye bread."
I wonder who Teresa is trying to keep at bay?  Republican hecklers? The press?  The Senator, maybe?

Having that sandwich on your breath does seem like a more efficient way to say "shove it."

I notice Ms. Heinz Kerry's condiment of choice was mustard, not ketchup. Another family flip flop? Actually, it's not even the first flip flop related to food in the past week. Eloise at Spit Bull has the details on the Cookie Cook-Off scandal.

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