Friday, August 20, 2004

Drink to the Foam

Another Thursday night, another night of pursuing trivia at the hottest Irish Pub in town, Keegan’s in Minneapolis. And another victory was had. But not by us. Despite the cameo appearance of the lovely and talented and brilliant Warrior Princess on the squad, we finished well out of the money. Hans (sans Franz) and his party of trivia mercenaries showed up and showed us up. They surpassed our trivial abilities on this night by a full 10% (22 to 20, out of 25).

Based on this extraordinary accomplishment, Hans is clearly clearly a brilliant guy. Not surprising, since he's a weapons officer in the United States Navy. Hans is a St. Paul boy, currently on leave from his post on the destroyer USS Lassen, stationed in San Diego. After his win, Hans was good enough to come over and introduce himself as a loyal Fraters Libertas reader. Which was the least he could do, given the fact he literally took the free beer out of our desperately parched mouths.

But we’re always glad to meet the readers and to support our brave men in the armed forces. Hans is returning to the Lassen this week. According to him, they’re soon to establish home port in Japan and he’ll be serving an extended tour in the Pacific theater. No doubt the Lassen will be keeping an eye on the North Koreans. Knowing a capable officer and gentleman like Hans is on board makes me feel all the better about that situation. Especially a capable officer and gentleman who also knows what the name of the youngest sibling on “Party of Five” was.

We wish Hans good luck and to keep us posted on what happens over there, as I know all of us would like to read about it.

Other folks, active duty military or not, looking for a grand time on future Thursday nights, come down to Keegan’s. Meet the Fraters. And in the rare occurrence that you manage to Beat the Fraters, in addition to glory, a free beer may be yours.

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