Sunday, August 29, 2004

Fairly Beat

Long day yesterday. We did the first NARN broadcast from the Fair, and had a lot of fun with Hugh, Generalissimo Duane, and Mike Nelson. After quaffing a couple of well deserved post-show beers, Saint Paul, Atomizer, JB, and his gal wandered over to the DFL booth to catch a speech by Al Franken. It was quite simply the worst political performance I've ever seen. If this guy is the best they've got, the Dems in Minnesota are in deep trouble.

Home for dinner with my wife and then over to Jasperwood for a night of good ol' fashioned fun. Drinking Scotch, smoking ceegars, and talking 'bout the state of the world. It don't get much better.

Much more later on all this later. Today my wife is running the 5K Milk Run at The Fair and then another NARN show at noon so I gotta cruise.

Check out Plastic Hallway for some nice pics from yesterday's action.

1 comment:

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