Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Full and Complete Disclosure

Last week on his nationally syndicated radio broadcast, I believe during a segment where he was running down women for the pace at which they play golf, Hugh Hewitt mentioned that he had recently unearthed a prom picture from the 70's that featured him wearing a canary yellow tuxedo (and this is a guy who likes to pretend that my nickname is "Peeps"? I believe the psychological term "projection" applies here). Since radio is not a visual medium, the full impact of this intriguing image was lost on his many faithful listeners. As a service to those listeners, I have made numerous requests on their behalf (through the proper channels of course) to have the photo released for wider public consumption. Unfortunately, the mighty Hewitt Empire has so far stonewalled all attempts to give the public what they want and rightly deserve to see.

I now believe that our only recourse is to start a campaign asking, nay demanding that Hugh release this photo immediately. Hugh's continuing refusal to produce the photo leads one to wonder just exactly what is he trying to hide here. What is he so afraid of? Unless, and only unless, the photo is released, lingering doubts about Hugh's character will continue to build in the public's mind. The resolution to this matter requires a simple act on Hugh's behalf to restore our trust and faith in him. The truth shall set you free Hugh.

Join me in asking Hugh to reveal the truth (no matter how ugly it may be) and release the photo. You can contact Hugh via e-mail at:


Or you can call his talk radio show which airs from 5pm-8pm CST at 1-800-520-1234.

Or, if you live in the Upper Midwest, you can come out to the Minnesota State Fair and see Hugh broadcast live this Thursday and Friday.

Whatever method you use to communicate with Hugh, just remember to keep the message short and clear. Demand that Hugh release the prom photo now. The whole world is waiting.

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