Friday, August 13, 2004

The Gathering Paranoia

Regarding my post yesterday on Newt Gingrich's testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, reader E.J. writes in with his thoughts, specifically on the potential for Chinese complicity in terrorism:

Great summation. I think, however, that a careful review of Chinese military doctrine on asymmetrical warfare would help clear up the anomalies obscuring our enemy's true identity. The "terrorists" are just the first line, intended to tie us down long enough for the Communists to catch up on the technology curve while we're out stomping down grass fires.

Further, it is not that our friends across the aisle, the Democrats, are not "up to it" as you say, but rather that they are "in on it." The enemy is the same as always; there is nothing new in the arena. It is just that now we are assaulted from within and without, and by some of our own people.

Or do you really believe the assistance Clinton gave China in missile technology, nuclear codes and so forth was just an "accident?" That he just "bobbled" Islamic extremism? That 9/11 "just happened?"

Gingrich's assertion that it might take til 2070 to eliminate the scourge afflicting us these days may prove conservative, assuming we survive the decade. The Chinese believe the battle can be won without firing a shot, and given the myopia and apathy of the electorate these days, they might be right.

My paranoia fully extends to accepting the possibility of terrorist connections (present or future) with the Russian and/or Chinese governments (or as George Patton might call them, "the god-d*mned Bolsheviks!"). But I am not willing to accept Democratic party complicity in a conspiracy. No, I don't believe 9/11 and the rise of Islamic extremism as a threat to US security "just happened". Instead, they were the result of wishful avoidance of difficult problems and the inability of individuals (and parties) to muster the will to preempt threats during a era of decadence. It's the same phenomena Craig Westover characterized yesterday as:

The fault was not that people couldn't imagine hijacked planes being used as weapons. Some did. The failure was the inability to imagine that such an event could actually occur. If one cannot accept the reality of a threat, it is impossible to avert it - as the rubble of the World Trade Towers testifies.

Over on Vox Popoli, in a piece entitled "Some Republicans ARE Nazis," Vox Day chimes in on this issue with some Gingrich criticism of his own:

Since Gingrich believes the war on method will last until 2070, this definition of "temporary" is apparently a Clintonesque one meaning "longer than you will likely live." In other words, once gone, they're gone forever. I would rather lose a city or three than sacrifice "all civil liberties" and live in a military dictatorship - I thought the whole point of being Americans was that we were willing to make sacrifices for freedom, not of it. Isn't sacrificing the nation's freedom in order to save the nation tantamount to burning the village in order to save it? What are we hoping to save? A nation of frightened serfs slavishly grateful to their feudal protectors? Bah - what are sheep if not for slaughter?

Read his entire post, there are some very provocative statements, to say the least. Provacative, bordering on OUTRAGEOUS. And do you know what I have to say to him in response?

Tune in to tomorrow to Northern Alliance Radio to find out. Vox will be on at 2 PM, Central time. Locally, you can hear it at AM 1280 the Patriot, and world wide via the Web stream (link available at the right hand side of this Web page). And if you don't trust the Northern Alliace crew to properly refute the man (or properly support him), please call in and let's hear what you've got. Intelligent, public affairs radio may never be the same again.

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