Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Homegrown Hatred From A Hollow Man

Long time friend of Fraters, Gary Larson takes on Garrison Keillor's new book Homegrown Democrat: A Few Plain Thoughts from the Heart of America in a biting piece at Intellectual Conservative:

Such neurotic knee-jerk hatred of anything conservative is designed, likely, to delight the smirking elites -- e.g., leftist Academia and Big Media. But Keillor's animus, staged or not, goes beyond bemused satire for elitists, into unintelligible guff of the Theater of the Absurd. For example, urban-based First Responder (EMTs) are exclusively "Ds," he asserts in Homegrown. They're compassionate good Samaritans all, rushing to save people, as indeed they do. Republicans, well, they let people die in the ditches in their "wealthy" far-flung suburbs. Get the drift? Hate is the subtext, class warfare his game. Clever.

Keillor seems consumed now by partisan hatred, tilting at illusory devils among the windmills of his aging mind. Martin Luther on losing it, merely tossed an inkwell at his devils, not a whole exorcising book.

While Gary freely admits to being a geezer, he adamantly denies that he wears golf pants.

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