Tuesday, August 17, 2004

In The Eyes Of A Child

We here at Fraters HQ were somewhat skeptical when we heard the news that Patty Wetterling, mother of a youth who was abducted near St. Cloud some years ago while riding his bicycle (and never seen again) was going to run for a congressional seat in the Sixth District.

Skeptical, as in we yelled "WTF? What does she know about politics?" When she announced her candidacy, she said she would make a good pol because she, you know, cares more than Republicans about, you know, things.

And the libs love a victim. And who is more victimized than a mother whose son was abducted in broad daylight while he innocently played with his friends?

Yes, we were skeptical. But we did not give her a proper introduction to the sometimes nasty world of amateur political hackery known as blogging. However, upon hearing news from our cigar-chomping, minority-rights-denying friends over at the state GOP that Wetterling has been endorsed by Emily's list, the time has come.

As you know, Emily's list is a group of whacked-out lesbians and other other misfit womyn who have never met an abortion they didn't like. Abortion on demand for twelve-year-olds? Yes! Abortions paid for by the government? Hell yes! Abortions at any time during pregnancy! You betcha! Abortions up to the ninth year of life? Why not?

They actively promote, sanctify and worship abortion. The other day I saw one of them walking around with one of those I HATE BABIES AND ENJOY HEARING OF THEIR VIOLENT DEMISE t-shirts that have grown so fashionable in certain parts of Minneapolis.

So now they have endorsed Wetterling, but she won't come out and tell the good people of Minnesota where she stands on important issues that Emily's List loves like partial-birth (also known as complete-death) abortion and has failed to fill out a survey from the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life detailing her positions.

So we want to know, Patty, why is ripping a kid out of a uterus and killing him so different than ripping a kid off a bike and killing him?

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