Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Invisible Airwaves Crackle With Lies

Hugh Hewitt has mastered the art of the "Big Lie"; a propaganda tool usually attributed to Joseph Goebbels (probably incorrectly) that follows the maxim that it's easier to tell a big lie than a small one. Over the years Herr Hewitt has concocted many such Big Lies about me in his never-ending effort to slander my "good name". Here are just a few of the dozens of libelous claims made by Hugh:

- That I am a drunk, homeless bum living on the streets.

- That I live in the basement of the my Mom's house. (Note that there is no consistency in Hugh's prevarications.)

- That I go by the nickname "Peeps".

- That I am a figure skater who sometimes competes in pairs competition with James Lileks.

- That I eat dozens of powdered donuts each day and my body resembles said powdered donut.

- That I live on a farm and listen to Hugh's show while milking cows.

- That I am a liberal Democrat who supports Ted Kennedy. (This is one of Hugh's more common lies used against many others.)

- That I am a professional Pee Wee Herman impersonator.

- That I am a professional Cher impersonator.

- That I am being medicated for various psychiatric conditions.

- That I am a single loser incapable of getting a date.

These are just a sampling of the many, many lies that Hugh has sought to spread about me on the national airwaves. They are of course all untrue. But, since Hugh has the forum of his nationally syndicated radio show to spread them, they tend to be believed by many of his listeners.

The latest trumped up charge brought by Hugh is that I am a huge fan of "American Idol", Clay Aiken in particular. I missed hearing this bogus claim when it was broadcast, but Hugh was "kind" enough to let me know via e-mail that he had once again sullied my reputation. And it led to this e-mail from Terrie at Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion:

I understand that you are a Clay Aiken fan, according to Hugh Hewitt, as am I. I have published my first political post at my web log, which can be found here and includes my humorous reflections on the Kerrys, Hugh Hewitt, and Tim Russert. If you have the time and inclination to search my archives, you will find articles about Clay Aiken and American Idol.

Although I do not share Terrie's fondness for Clay or "American Idol", I do appreciate a sharp-minded analysis of the media, which Terrie offers up:

The Dennis Miller show on CNBC and Special Report with Brit Hume on FNC are must "C" TV. Their multimedia equivalent is Hugh Hewitt, whose radio show and web site are touchstones for center-right conservatism. Hugh is the hub of the blogosphere that is responsible for the deconstruction of Kerry's Cambodia fable. His new book If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat is on my birthday wish list. I live in Hugh’s home territory, but our local station KRLA delays the third hour of his broadcast for three hours. Why? So they can carry Michael Savage during drive time. Savage does not fit in the same lineup with influential thinkers William Bennett, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt.

Influential yes. Honest? Not when it comes to yours truly. When you hear Hugh start talking about me, just remember to take it with a grain boulder of salt.

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