Friday, August 13, 2004

Is This Mic On?

This letter in today's Minneapolis Star Tribune has me pig-biting mad! I'm so enraged that the engorged blood vessels in my neck have seriously and, I fear, permanently reduced my ability to see the floor!! What this man has to say is deplorable...unfathomable...improbable!!! Read it yourself and tell me you don't feel the same way:

His hate is just fine

Unless there's more than one James Lileks running around, the author of the Aug. 12 commentary is the same guy who is a regular on right-wing hate radio--AM 1280, The Patriot.

I'm confused: Is his message that all hate is bad or only when I don't hate the same things that Lileks does?

Stephen Young, St. Paul.

If only I had known that there were two James Lileks "running around" out there I could have had BOTH of them outside staining my deck!!!! The one I've been dealing with has been working at a snail's pace...always with the witty comments and sarcastic remarks. Did I mention the endless cigarillo breaks?

One thing's for certain, tomorrow morning I'm gonna round up both of those Lileks characters and get the two of them out here to finish the job. I will have them leave their sense of humor at Mr. Young's doorstep first, however. Lord knows he could use it.

(Don't forget to listen to this Saturday's installment of "right-wing hate radio" on the Northern Alliance Radio Network. The two Lileks will be listening...and so should you!)

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