Wednesday, August 18, 2004

It Wasn't THAT Far

Whiny Brits. I managed to get across the bridge at Arnhem in about ten minutes. Sure, there wasn't a horde of SS troops at the south end throwing sheets of lead at me when I made my crossing, but it was raining. Pretty hard I might add.

Last Friday I left Veenendaal about 3pm and headed east to Arnhem. Mitch Berg had suggested that I drive from Eindhoven to Arnhem, following the road that British armor and American paratroopers battled on in their unsuccessfully effort to link up with the British paras in and around Arnhem. But my schedule did not allow for it, and so I took a direct route to the town.

On the way I stopped by the impressive Airborne Museum at Oosterbeek, about six kilometers west of Arnhem. The museum is housed in the former Hartenstein Hotel, which became one of the last holdouts for the Brits as their perimeter was slowly, but surely squeezed by German forces during the fighting.

Close to the museum you find an arch dedicated to the airborne troops as well as a monument.There is also a military cemetery not too far away. If you have a chance I recommend checking them all out, especially the museum.

And the infamous John Frost bridge at Arnhem of course. No journey would be complete without a trip across it.

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