Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Lileks Lit Up

In the last couple of weeks, James Lileks has taken shots at the latest fashion offerings from Marshall Field's, both in his Daily Bleat and in his Backfence column in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Today, in the Strib's letters to the editor, he receives return fire:

I chuckled while reading James Lileks' column in the Aug. 21 Star Tribune about the 'tragedy' of fall fashion. The column stated, in short, that this year's fall fashion is a tragic, tasteless hodgepodge of decade-straddling garbage.

Tragic? That's a mighty strong word to use when discussing the lighthearted topic of fashion. In my opinion, it would be quite sad if fashion trends remained stagnant every season and disregarded the influences of the past. The truth is, nothing stays the same in the world of fashion. Those in the fashion arena, or those who are just into fashion, thrive on change -- whether it's a subtle nuance or an all-out overhaul, we're always looking to freshen up our wardrobe with a trendy new item or two.

For those of us who embrace fashion and all its transformation and variations, it's thrilling that the trends of today pull from numerous eras, and flaunt an eclectic mix of formal with casual, new and old, luxe and kitschy. From the proper, buttoned-up looks of the '40s to the laid-back, bohemian styles of the '60s and '70s, today's fashion trends -- in my opinion -- represent a fantastic medley of decade-spanning styles.

It comes down to this: Fashion is fun, and it's not to be taken so seriously! We use fashion to express ourselves and our creativity. We can be daring with a few trend-forward pieces paired with classics, or we can fully embrace the fluctuating, ever-evolving forum that is fashion by wearing a head-to-toe, statement-making ensemble. The beautiful thing is that it's completely up to you.

JoAnn Young, Minneapolis;
Marshall Field's trend expert.

Hear that James? Fashion is fun! Now march yourself down to Marshall Field's, pick up a pair of bell bottoms, and lighten up.

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